Do you love spicy food?

Do you want to make your own homemade hot sauce?

Do you want to turn your ketchup into a Homemade hot sauce?

Do you want to make homemade hot sauce from your Mayo?

Do you want to make Homemade hot sauce from your tomato sauce?

Do you want to make Homemade hot sauce from any mustard?

Do you want to make Homemade hot sauce from your favorite BBq sauce?

Do you want to make easy Homemade hot sauces with press of a button?

How many times do you dine out in a week?

How many times have you felt like the dish you ordered needed more heat and spice to bring out the real taste?

Well, if you’re a foodie who loves to eat out, and needs that extra kick of hot pepper to delight your senses, then Hotomizer is what you need.

Hotomizer—What is it?

Hotomizer is a 100 percent organic portable spicy hot food enhancer. This is a flavorless hot spice that adds heat to the food without changing its original flavor and turn any condiments into a homemade hot sauce.

Available in a small spray bottle, Hotomizer is easy to use, convenient to carry, and healthy. Hotomizer is all you need to spice your platter up anywhere you go and just the way you like it. You can carry it in your purse, or pocket, and take it wherever you like.

With Hotomizer, you don’t have to eat bland food. A simple push of a button can make your food from mild to very hot in seconds. The amount of heat depends on the number of time you press the dispenser and spray it on your food or condiment. It dispensed 0.05ml of spicy NGMO pure heat so you can scale the heat in your food or Homemade hot sauce.

If barbeque sauce, any hot sauce, grilled chicken, chili lime lentil tacos with spicy grilled pineapple salsa isn’t spicy enough for your taste, or if spicy buffalo quinoa burger isn’t as fiery as you like it, then spray some Hotomizer on your order next time to get the kick of heat that you love to excite your palate.

Give it a Try Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Give Hotomizer a try today. Add heat to your platter with a simple spray and get ready to delight your taste buds.

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