Nasty Energy™ (Horney Goat weed extract ,98% Icariin) 
Focal point™ (CBD + Organoselenium)
Hotomizer™ (Homemade Hot sauce Base)
Launched by Ben Afshari, an inventor, and entrepreneur, Bentini’s is the place where we combine creativity and innovation with health and wellness to produce products that add spice to your food and nutrients to your brain and body like never before.
Bertini's was created to bring 30 years of health and wellness which includes spices and plant goods that are pain reducers, mind strong and for short and long term cognition into the market.
At Bentini’s, we work enthusiastically to create products that are beneficial to your health and delight your senses. Our business values serve as our pillars of strength. These include:
  • To serve with integrity,
  • Deliver the best and high-quality products, and
  • Strive for customer satisfaction.
What We Do?
1. At Bentini's we provide people that love to stay healthy, get smarter, work out harder and Focus better with portable metered amount of Icariin coupled with neurotransmitters. 
2. At Bentini's we provide high potency flavored CBD along with Organoselenium that reaches the brain in seconds thru metered devices.
3. At Bentini’s, we provide people who love spicy food and hot sauces with unique, and portable spicy hot food enhancers that also reduces joint pain for their use at home and on the road.
How We Do it?
1. To within 30 seconds provide your brain and body with supplements that are tested to make you alert, destroy the amyloid plaques and gain focus, Build Muscle, boost testosterone and libido from metered devices.
2. To within 30 seconds provide your brain CB1 and CB2 receptors with the best quality CBD and organoselenium for short and long term focus and cognition from metered device.
3.  To make bland tasting food  spicy one digit at a time, just the way you like at home or on the go by offering a portable metered device that adds 400 Scoville to one ounce of food with one press of button, 2 presses will add  800 Scoville and so on. 


Add a spicy kick to your favorite foods and condiments, all while maintaining the original flavor.

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T: 859-433-1619

4950 Jennie Kate Lane, Lexington Kentucky, 40510

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